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    Questions for Fiesta Collectors

    Fiesta Collectors - Many of you have been adding to your collection for decades. Although prices rose and rose for many years, the advent of eBay and other online sources allowed access to more pieces. Because of this, did you see prices drop on the more common items, yet still rise on the really rare pieces? Did the price guides stay reflective of the changes or are they no longer viable resources? And, has there been a change in the items that are now considered rare?

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    I have been collecting Fiesta for about 4 years now.
    Most of my collection has come from resale and thrift stores. The items, for the most part, have been in excellent shape.
    But I do venture to the Fiesta store in Galveston,Texas and the prices haven't seemed to change much. The scarcer pieces still run quite high. But averge priced on the regular items. And a great selection. Overall prices have seemed to stay the same.
    Places like Kohl's and other retail outlets are X2 the regular price on everyday Fiesta. Very expensive.


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