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    Bavarian powder jar

    I recently purchased a small jar with a lid (young woman sitting on top of
    the lid stitching a blue wreath) at a yard sale for $3.00. The jar is 2 1/2
    inches tall and opening is 3 1/2 inches wide. The height with the lid on is
    6 inches. After some research, I saw the item on ebay 2 days ago with the
    "buy now price" at $350.00. The description was a powder jar made in
    Bavaria before the 1900's. The photo and the marks on the bottom were
    identical to mine. The mark on the bottom is "Bavaria" in black, next to
    this is a stamp in green of a crown, below the crown is an emblem that looks
    like a "C" with a "W" on top of the "C". Next to this stamp the same emblem
    is in raised letters and numbers - no color except color of jar which is
    off-white - also with these letters and numbers "DR 2 08". To my dismay I
    found that the head had been broken off and reglued and I didn't notice at
    the time of purchase. Is this item now worthless or does it have some type
    of value since it is so old? I hope the photos are good enough to tell -
    the emblem on the bottom may not show up. I would appreciate your advice.
    Anyone feel free to email me direct at Thanks for your
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    You might find this website very interesting: PM&M menu [Germany / Bavaria]
    Here you will find most or all of the porcelain makers from Bavaria and their marks, to help match your mark up and help identify it. I have asked one of our specialists about the impact of the repair on the item's value. Stay tuned!

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    Thank you !- I searched the site but I didn't find the particular mark that is on this piece unless it's on the site that is unaccessable. It was a very interesting site, though, and I saved it on my favorites. If you can find out how much the repair will hurt the value, I would appreciate it.

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    Collectables with damage definately have a decreased value. Collectors are looking for items in excellent condition.You can have damage restored by a restoration service, but this really just makes the piece displayable. The value is still affected. Your particular question has another fold to consider. You are going by the presumption that the value of your piece undamaged would be the same as the powder box you saw on EBay . Just because a seller has a" buy it now" price on EBay, that does not necessarily mean that is what the value of a piece is . The value is only what someone is willing to pay for a particular item. That powder box that is for sale for $350. May never sell for a price close to that amount. To find a better estimate of value you need to find prices of items that have sold that are similar to your powder box. Collectables are discounted quite frequently, so asking prices are not reliable to use to place value on items.
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