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    Nemadji Pottery Collectors?

    I venture to thrift stores 2-3 days a week. There are dozens of thrift stores in this area. Lately I've noticed this attractive pottery with strange swirls and unglazed and decided to buy a piece. Took it home and did a little research and found this is a decent buy. Previously I knew nothing about Nemadji Pottery. But now really like it and will continue looking for it when going to the thrift stores. Found a new avenue in collecting pottery. I'm happy.

    And interestingly, no 2 pieces are the same due to the clay and firing process.
    Not sure of the age of this piece as there doesn't seem to be a variety of marks to determine age.
    Anyone know how to determine age on Nemadji Pottery?
    Anyone else collect Nemadji Pottery?
    4 1/4 inches high
    Mark: Nemadji/(Indian Head)/USA/Pottery

    LAC 028.jpgLAC 029.jpg

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    Wow that is lovely and I had never heard about it before until you posted it here. So thank you. Apparently with these pieces, the outside is left plain (unglazed) while the inside is always glazed. The swirls you see are actually the colors in the natural clay from which these pieces are made, so no two will ever be the same. Click here for an article which tells more about this newly discovered collectible and what makes it so special.

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