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    reslae shop finds - New Jersey part II

    Found these 2 pieces today. I knew when I saw them that they were old. $4 for both.
    This is Ott and Brewer.
    The divided dish is 10 1/2 X 6 1/2.
    Sugar bowl? is 3 " high
    The divided dish has 2 marks, the larger mark was used in 1866. But the O.B./line mark is 1886. Although this mark has china below as the book doesn't show the word "china" with it. I assume it doesn't make a difference on the 1886 mark.
    So I guess this would make it 1886.
    The sugar bowl only has a mark of "1525" in gold. I believe it also Ott and Brewer from the same time. They look alike.
    I'm very excited and hope I find more New Jersey pieces.


    LAC 041.jpgLAC 042.jpg

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    Wow those are lovely. $4? Really? Great score.

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