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    Very unique Italian Lamp base?

    Hello all!
    I acquired this piece at a resale shop. I just loved the uniqueness of it. However, I have never been able to ascertain ANYTHING about it by scouring images and sites. Perhaps someone here can help? ANYTHING at all would be "news to me" as, I have NO experience or knowledge of such things.
    It stands about 9.5 " tall and the base is 5" across . There is a pencil sized hole in one side of the base ((Perhaps, intended for a lamp wire?) The piece has hand carving and paintings of fish jumping out of water against the sky with clouds at its middle ,and ocean waves at the base.
    The marks underneath seem to be ...

    First at the top is either a "B" or a "3"
    The second line is a number. Either "1232". or "1932".
    The third line most clearly says "Made in Italy"
    It is a bit hefty for its size and made of some type of red clay .

    So whaddaya think folks?
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    Let me get an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Based on the images and the marking this piece does appear to be a lamp base and is quite modern, similar examples are still in production. The numerical marking is most likely the model number. Country of origin marks such as "made In Italy generally post date the early 1920's. These pieces look older than they are because the copy the design of early Italian majolica.

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    L Oliver: There's a very nice man that I've dealt with regarding Italian marks, and he's an expert, he's written several books on the subject. When you get to his web page, click on "ask Walter". His web page is:

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