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    Talking Mysterious Chuba China Pattern!!

    I have a teacup and saucer that I cannot find any information on.

    The bottom of the cup is stamped "CHUBU CHINA, HAND PAINTED" "CHERRY" and "3541". The challenge is that every list I have found does not have a pattern number 3541, nor is the painting on the pieces the "Cherry" pattern that is listed. The following is a discription of the pieces:
    White with gold gilding on the scalloped edges, feet of cup, and handle. Gold ring about .75 inch from rim of plate and bottom of cup. The artwork is a red, white and blue arched ribbon with the letters B.F.C.L through it, inside/underneath it a rainbow type design surrounding a traingle with the letter "r". Underneath this is a gold bar that is made of hands and arms intertwined, with a gold chain leading to a pot

    Please help!
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    Hum, I can't find it either, but it looks to be a a piece designed for a club or fraternity, perhaps? This company did produce such special orders. I found a similar item in the Worthopedia for a group called "The Rebekah Club" which is kinda ironic as that is my name, and I had no idea there was a club named after me. Anyway, this cup an saucer and another plate in the set sold for $20 in 2011. I will ask someone else to take a peek. Have you also sent this photo and information to

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    Based on the images this cup was probably made for the REBEKAHS Fraternal order, the Womans division of the Oddfellows lodge or some other order. Here's a link for you: International Association of Rebekah Assemblies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Fraternal orders items appeal to a smaller group of collectors than the general Antique market, as they often go unrecognized as to what they are.

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    Chubu is the name of an area in Japan. There is a post W.W. 2 company that put out china and used the name Chubu so perhaps it is made in Japan by the Chubu China company. Here is an example of one that was made during the U.S. occupation of Japan,
    Yours would probably be newer so it won't have the "occupied Japan" words.

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