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    Porcelain Figurines Donated to Habitat for Humanity - Anyone know what they are?

    I work at Habitat for Humanity in Naples, FL and we were given a donation of two figurines with a signature mark on the bottom. I looked all over the internet but could not find anything to help me identify them. An antique dealer who came in the store said they had real gold leaf on them. The faces are painted really well, they have very delicate expressions on them. They are about 6 inches tall. They just came in a box of anonymous donations and so I have no information on them at all. There are a lot of antique dealers in the area who shop in our store and some of them scoop up these little things and sell them at their own place. One guy bought a $2 dish and after he purchased it he told us it was worth $200. If anyone can help me identify these little things I would appreciate it. I guess I really need to know if they are valuable or not. I can always put them out for $10 and someone will buy them for their china cabinet.
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    Your figures appear to be made in Japan. The mark is a pseudo mark, and tries to be similar to French and German marks. The gold paint on the figures does have real gold content; however,it doesn't add any value to them. I believe $10/each is fair. You can always come down. A dealer would probably price them $25/pair, in hopes of selling them for $20. Keep in mind that dealer are expecting to get a deal, and will not frequent shops if they can't.

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