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    Boehm Mark? Made in England Ducks & Geese Plates

    I have 4 Boehm plates each with a diffent water bird. The images are the same as other Boehm plates and most are identical to the Birds of North America series. Also - there is no decoration around the main image, only a gold rim.

    I've had other Boehm pieces and but mark on these is very large and includes Made in England.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a legitimate Boehm mark or anything about it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello - have you taken a look at the Worthpoint marks reference library? Marks & Library Let us know if you have any luck!

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    Boehm set up in Malvern, England so they should be ok.

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    Here you go, from my dusty archive ;~)

    "When Edward Boehm died, it was assumed by many that the studio would not continue. Helen Boehm, his most dedicated student, now had to lead the team. Through the prior two decades of working together, they had shared each new art concept. Helen had brought back ideas and needs from the vast market before them. Edward utilized the information when formulating and executing his designs. It was natural in 1969 for Helen Boehm to assume the design responsibility as well--not directly creating the porcelains, but energizing, motivating and orchestrating the "new" designs of the team her late husband had formed. Not only did the studio continue to flourish, it grew. But not fast enough to keep pace with an accelerating demand. In 1970, Helen Boehm decided to travel to England in hopes of establishing the first extra-national American porcelain subsidiary. It was a dream of her late husband who had high admiration for English porcelain quality. She succeeded and in just three years, Boehm of Malvern England Limited was carving its niche in the history of fine porcelain."

    So there you have it ;~)

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