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    Le Tallec Nuit de Chine Dinner Service

    I would so appreciate help finding out what this beautiful hand painted dinner service
    could be sold for. I have asked T & Co who sold it but no reply. I have carried it
    about for nearly thirty years now.
    Does anyone know about this black and gold beautiful china?

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    Can you post some photos of what you have and more details about the scope (number and type of pieces, etc.) of the set? Also the maker's mark on the bottom would be most helpful. Thanks!

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    I have only ever seen Le Tallec ceramic eggs sold at auction. They are very ornate and quite beautiful and sell for £2-400 each. Sorry I cant help on the dinner service but its nice to know you have an undoubtedly quality item. Your best bet might be approaching one of the larger quality auction houses if you intend to sell it.

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