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    Post cleaning

    How can I clean paint old paint off ceramic. I have a pair of Staffordshire cats that some fool painted on and I want to remove the paint without damaging the glaze.

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    If it is a 'true' glaze it should be very tough, like glass. I have used a sharp, metal blade to scrape surface debris, including paint, off glazed pieces. I don't know how extensive the paint is on your pieces. If it is in recesses and all over the piece it will be difficult to get completely off.
    I don't recommend using any solvents unless you are sure there isn't any overglaze enamel on the cats. If there isn't any overglaze decoration it might be worth trying a solvent. The solvent won't affect the glaze but if there are pinholes in the glaze in the area you are going to use it it shouldn't be used.

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