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    Need help clarifying terminology on Emma Bridgewater product


    Hoping someone might be able to clarify some terminology for me as I am obviously out of my depth.
    I unfortunately butterfingered significant other's favourite mug an am seeking to replace it.
    The mug in question is an 'Emma Bridgewater Ginger Tom' 1/2 pint mug.
    While there are several online vendors listing such an item, they all make reference to it
    being a "rerun" and "non-selective" and I've had no luck in determining what those terms actual mean.
    Somewhat more troubling is that the bottom stamping does not match that of the original (pictures attached).
    Ideally, I would like to replace the original with an exact copy. It appears as though the initial run may have ended
    and all subsequent 'new' product comes from a second run and is marked accordingly. If that's the case, is there a
    reputable 'ceramic resale' site that someone could recommend or is something like eBay my best best?
    Appreciate any assistance.

    Thank You

    photo 1.jpgphoto 3.jpg

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    let me get an expert on this for you!

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    I think Ebay really is your best bet at this point in finding a match from the original run. They are not really old enough yet to have developed many specialist shops that deal in them. You also might want to try, they are expensive, but you can set up an account where they will contact you when they get one in.

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    I agree with lovejoy about your chances of eventually finding this on eBay. You can Save a Search and will receive an email should one be listed. And don't forget to also check on eBay UK!

    eBay UK Seller paula5582 has 100% Feedback and sold 2 similar Ginger Tom mugs in February 2012. She carries a large inventory of Emma Bridgewater in her eBay Store Pottery and Paraphernalia. She might be able to locate just what you're looking for. Good Luck!

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