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    The Foley China Scalloped plate .. help

    I need some help in finding info on a Foley China plate I have.
    I have researched the mark to be from 1892-1911.

    Its a blue and white scalloped plate.. looks to be blue flow to me, but I have not been able to find a reference to the pattern/picture on the plate. See attached pictures

    Could anyone offer any reference to this plate? Trying to find a price to sell it at.
    Thanks so very much.

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    Hang on, let me get an expert on this.

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    This pieces was made by Wileman and Co., at the Foley pottery works. They made hundreds of patterns and not all of the Foley patterns actually had a name, all some have is a pattern number or not even that. Plates like this were mass produced for the Export market prior to World War One and have limited values except as replacement pieces for existing dinner services. Most like this one would sell for less than $25.00 for that purpose and probably under $10.00 at auction.

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