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    trying to identify and find similar planter/vase

    I have two planters or vases that I inherited from my great aunt. My mom says they are over 50 years in age. One says handmade and a # but I cannot make out the other marking on the edge. The other says Velco Japan and a # but I cannot find anything else by Velco.

    I am just trying to find similar items in order to put a value on them. Also, the one with the baby doll face needs cleaning. I think it is a bisque finish and I have no idea how to remove the smudges (from being wrapped in newspaper I guess).

    Would love any feedback.

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    Let me get an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    The smudges should come off with warm soapy water, which is your safest bet. Japanese pieces like this tend to post date World War Two and were made right through the 1960's for the export market. Velco was located in Los Angeles, California and was an import /export type business, one of many contracting to Japanese manufacturer's. Velco sold a wide range of these head vases, some are quite collectible, I suggest you use our "Ask a Worthologist" service for a valuation.

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