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    Napco originals by giftcraft

    I have 3 pieces from that company and I would like to be able to date them. I beleive they are from mid fifties. I have the original sticker on each one of them. Their numbers are: AD397, AD398 and AD400
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    From what I have on my files is that Giftcraft was Toronto based Canadian company established in the 1940s and still active. Import and sells gift wares from all over the world. Early products seems to be mostly Japanese. The Canadian trademark GIFTCRAFT was filed 1941-11-03.

    Napco was established in 1938 in Bedford, Ohio, and also imported ceramic, glass, and china giftware. "Napco originals by Giftware," was used by Napco, but it's not readily apparent if they purchased these items from Giftcraft or simply used that term on their label. In any event they were all made in Japan by a variety of contractors of which many are unknown. Finding an exact date your were made might be impossible, but even if you did would not make any real difference in their value.

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