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    1837 zacatecas 8 reales recvovered from sunken uss yorktown

    I have taken into my posession an 1837 zacatecas om 8 reales recovered from the uss yorktown in 1995 and sold at sotherbys auction house in december of 2000 . can anyone tell me the value of this coin ( i have the coa from the auction but no price ) ?

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    With coins values depend on it's rarity and most importantly its condition. without knowing its condition it's impossible to determine a value. In mint condition I've seen these 1837 zacatecas sell for about $400.00, many is lesser levels of condition sell in the $200.00- $300.00 range.

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    Unless I am mistaken the coin in question was from a small group of coins and artifacts that were taken illegally from the USS Yorktown site and sold at Sothebys. The Navy sent a request for the property to be returned and Sothebys forwarded the request to the winner of the auction adding that they would refund the money. The property was returned and nothing I can find has made mention of the property being resold.

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