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    Bowenite Handcarved Jade Urn c. 1860

    I have a bowenite jade urn dated c. 1860 with 4 floating rings, fitted with base and stand. This urn was carved by hand lap prior to the use of electricity in China. The detailed craftsmanship is quite excellent, polishing is fair, apple-green in color, semi-translucent. Appraisal from the Oriental Objects of Art in San Francisco, CA by a L Shen on February 11, 1976 states it's worth at that time was $1,450.00. I paid $1,200.00. I am enclosing photos if there is an appraiser who can tell me what it might be worth today. The piece is approximately 7 to 8 inches tall not including the wooden base. I wish to sell it and do not know how much to ask.

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    I think you should try the price you got your appraisal for. Similarly sized Bowenite jades are going for between 150-500$ now. A big variable will be the wood in the base. If it is rosewood, of good quality, it will raise the price significantly.
    I hope that helps a little.

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