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    Auguste Moreau Bronze Sculpture - Authentic?

    I just bought a sculpture believed to possibly be from Auguste Moreau. I was hoping someone with knowledge on the subject could offer their opinion. My concerns are the base, which I have included photos of, and the signature. The base looks like it may not be original. I have a subscription to an art website that includes artists' signatures and though they do have one for him that matches this one, it just seems so different than the normal signature. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    I've asked an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Nearly all of the major sculptors of the 19th Century have had their work reproduced. With most of them the lack of a foundry mark indicates a reproduction, signatures mean very little in terms of authentication on bronze these days. Unless There's a detailed provenance for a bronze based on the foundry mark and literature, I'd deal with them as being copies or based on original works by the artist in question.

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