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    Need help identifying an artist

    I recently acquired a painting, it looks to be done around the turn of the century from the framing and the board, but I cannot make out the signature, nor can I find anything looking up the databases with the initials or what I think the initials are. Here are some pics, if anyone can give me some insight I'd love your input. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    let me put an expert on this. stay tuned!

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    Generally an Artist will sign a painting with a full name or at least with an initial and a reasonably legible last name. Pieces like this that appear to be signed with a first name or are simply not legible tend to be artwork created for the Decorator market. A great many like this are often sold in traveling Art shows set up in Hotel conference rooms by wholesalers who have these paintings made to order, the artist name is often a working pseudonym and not their real name. Values for them depend on the quality of the work, subject matter, the frame and their size .

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