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    Oriental painting on fabric with embroidered seal and writing


    I have an interesting piece that I am running into difficulties researching. It is a painting on cloth. The cloth is fairly tattered and there are some places where the paint has cracked with the fabric. All that to say I believe there is at least some age to it. The fabric appears to be loosely mounted to board but I am not eager to check to aggressively. There is a read seal embroidered into the top center with eight characters to the left. There are characters running along the top and to the right of the seal but are embroidered in a different manner. I find the piece to be quite interesting and have never seen anything like it. That is not saying much though. Another point to note is the fact that someone spent a good amount of money framing the piece. It is triple matted with decorative gold paper in between each mat. It also has glare resistant conservation glass. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me some insight into what this piece is as well as what the seals may be. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Many thanks. I have asked an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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