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    Arrow Painting not selling on Ebay?

    I have a painting on Ebay and for whatever reason(s) it is not selling.

    I have seen these go for over $500 and yet I am putting up for auction for $300 and have had very little activity. How come?

    Link to my listing here: Theo Tobiasse Lithograph Signed Numbered "La Lumiere Du Prophete" | eBay

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Let's see what folks have to say here...

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    With art you really need to look at using the buy it now or best offer option, and then be prepared to sit on it for ages. If you have an Ebay shop then you can list on a good 'til cancelled basis for a tiny listing fee, if not then you are limited to 30 days and quite often thats not enough. On average we will sell a picture from anywhere from 1month to 1 year after listing whereas other areas have a tendency to fly out the door if priced well.

    Its the nature of the beast that a lot of artwork will sit in a gallery for ages before selling, albeit at a higher price generally. However going into a gallery gives you the chance to appreciate it in the flesh. Have you considered asking a gallery if they would list it for a percentage or even buy it from you?

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