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    Exclamation Wappingers High School 1940

    I am looking for anything about my grandfather, Ward Gencen. I have no photographs of him at all. I have little info on him. If anyone knows who does or where I could search, I would love the help!
    Heather Wellman

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    If you think he may be a member of some fraternal organizations, you may want to look into:

    #1: The International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies & Fraternal Orders, by Alan Axelrod (1997), Checkmark Books.

    #2: Rich Hartzog's website, AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia / Complete List of Fraternal Organizations, A-L and M-Z.

    #3: Joyce M. Tice's website, Tri-County Genealogy and History / Commemorative Flagholders & Plaques.

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    I put your Grandfather's name into Google and the first hit was for the 1940 Federal Census: Ward Gencen, Wappinger Town, New York, 18, 1922, New Jersey. Could that be him?

    An Alumni Search site such as might also put you in touch with others who might have known him.

    I would suggest keeping an active Search on eBay for a High School Yearbook from the years when he would have been a student.

    The town's new High School was built in 1962 but the Wappingers School District may have records and old yearbooks from earlier years. You might try contacting them as well.

    Good Luck in your search!

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