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    Wall Mirror Donation to Habitat for Humanity - Anyone know what it is?

    I work at Habitat for Humanity and we were given a donation of an ornate mirror. It came from a man whose father was the American ambassador to the Philippines. The mirror came to the United States with his father from the Philippines but I don't know if he purchased it there. I hope to find out what period it's from and if it's worth repairing. There are some chips in the detail on the bottom and on the top. We get so many antiques donated to us that it's hard to know what's valuable and what isn't. I guess I'll need to take a class on antiques so I can figure some of this stuff out on my own. If anyone knows what style or period this piece is from I would greatly appreciate a response. We build houses for the poor and any money raised from the sale of these items builds another home! By the way, all the homeowners pay back their mortgage in full (interest free). We give a hand up, not a hand out!!
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    From what I can see this mirror is a reproduction, but probably old enough to be considered
    an antique in it's own right by the passage of time. Mirrors of this type are in what's called
    the "Federal Revival" style. Federal Revival piecesare reproductions of the original American
    Federal items originally produced from 1780-1820's.

    The Federal Revival style became popular after the first Centennial of the American Revolution
    in 1876. At that time interest and demand for original Colonial & Federal furnishings was so
    great it outstripped supply. This caused large manufacturers to begin production of pieces in
    the Colonial and Federal style from the Jacobean to late Georgian periods. Most like this one
    date from the first quarter of the 20th century. All that being said, it should be physically
    examined on the off chance it's the real deal, one can never be sure from images.

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