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    Question I'm stumped. cradle, grandma, mom, me, and my daughter.

    We all slept in it, My uncle called me for it so he could put it in his " antiques room". Their are no marks, or signitures. It is all wood, the headboard and footboard have some carving, and four short spindals on the corners, I've looked in many antique books and cant find anything like it. It has 8 to 10- 1 and a half inch slats of wood on each side that are removable. and it seems bigger than alot of the cradles iv'e seen in all those books. and it doesn't have the solid wood curved pieces that would make it rock. I guess it looks more like a miniture crib, than a cradle. I do know for sure it would never meet any of the safety standards we have today. I'm sorry I don't have a picture. maybe someone can figure it out by my discription. thanks for your time.

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    Not sure what we can do without a photo, but I have asked someone to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Without an image it's very hard to determine what you have, it's age and origins. That said, a lot of these were home built pieces, or made by local cabinet makers during the second quarter of the 19th century, in some cases to a design by the owner to be. Quite often pieces like this will not match up with any comparables you could find for sale, but that does not necessarily make them rare or valuable.

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