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    Question Full of original cures/remedies/pills/suppositories Humphreys Specifics Cabinet

    Ive found many tin fronts from thid cabinet, most in far better condition. But this is a nearly full cabinet and i have to imagine theres some interest in the actual meds. the packaging is exquisite, rivaling todays advertising. in fact, it looks very high end. All of the advertising pamphlets and instructions are also with it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Wow that is interesting! I have asked an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    These Apothecary cabinets date from the turn of the 19th Century, they would have been on the counter or hung on a wall in a General or Drug store as a display unit. The company that marketed these remedies was began by Frederick K. Humphreys (March 11, 1816 – July 18, 1900) a physician and the founder of Humphreys Homeopathic Medicine Company in New York City in 1853. Values for these cabinets depends a lot on the condition of the cabinet and the tin, but generally even examples with bay tin can sell for over $400.00 at auction

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