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Thread: Unknown Marking

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    Unknown Marking

    Is anyone aware of a glass company that embossed identifiers on the base around the rim and engraved an image on the base? The small glass piece I have appears to have a beaver or woodchuck very faintly engraved on the bottom. It just looked like a pretty but heavy little vase - looks like it could hold those scented oil sticks as the top is very narrow (also fluted) but the base is quite round and heavy...almost stubby, but pretty. I could supply pictures if anyone wants. I got it in Grosse Pointe 2nd hand shop in Michigan, but as I'm on the border with Canada it could be Canadian (national symbol is beaver). The embossed markings around the rim of the base are just too worn for me to read. I've even tried rubbing but couldn't come up with anything identifiable. It has seams down each side running up to the narrow mouth.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Let me get an expert on this for you.... stay tuned!

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