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    Christian Dorflinger Decanter:

    I have a beautiful Christian Dorflinger Decanter with a broken stopper. The stem of the stopper has been broken off probably mid stem. The cut glass ball on top is without injury. I don't have the rest of the broken off stem. I dont think a glass blower could add to the stem. Is there anywhere that could possibly have a big supply of stoppers that I could replace the entire stopper? Or any suggestions how to repair?

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    From experience, it is very difficult to find a replacement stopper. Your best bet might be to find someone to grind down the remaining stopper, to even it up. From your description of the damage, it seem as it is still long enough to function as a
    stopper. Look for someone who repairs and restores glass.
    I hope this helps.

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    I once chipped a Tiffany crystal vase, but I found a good glass restorer who was able to even out the chip and make the lip smooth again. These types of repairs are totally possible. Best of luck.

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