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    Art Deco Swimmer Glass Mugs?

    I missed out on these at a recent auction as the bids got higher than I was willing to go when I really did not know anything about them? Any Ideas asEBTH_Swimmer1.JPG to company, pattern, time frame, value?

    EBTH_Swimmer2.JPG EBTH_Swimmer3.JPG

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    Let me get an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Without a marking my best opinion on it would be it's Czechoslovakian glass. A lot of glass in the style of Lalique depicted women in the Art Deco style came out of Czechoslovakia between World Wars One and Two. A lot of it was only marked with paper or foil labels, short of coming across a matching piece with a label still on it pieces like this are very hard to identify.

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