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    Alicja Polish glass?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the Alicja polish glass could be worth?

    I found an exact match and they are asking (but not selling) $80 and I found only one sold similar but not an exact match that sold for $29.

    I am wondering what my exact piece might actually sell for?
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    As always, something is worth what someone will pay. I have asked an expert to take a look for you.

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    As unusual and pretty as Alicja glass is, values for it tend to be modest. The sales records I have for pieces like yours indicate they generally sell in the $15.00- $30.00 range at auction. We'd retail a comparable piece for about $45.00

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    I found this Link to the Watra Alicja Glassworks website where their current products can be viewed. At the bottom left of the home page, click on the flag to convert the text from Polish to English.

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