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Thread: What was your most exciting antiqing/flea market/garage sale find ever?

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    I bought this great 1926 Rookwood "Rook" Trivet on eBay UK a few years ago for 5 GBP (about $7.50) plus shipping! Current value is around $275.

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    Well, I had a pretty good summer this year. Turned many $1 items into couple hundred dollar sales.

    Rare cast iron virgina metal workers Whale doorstop paid 1- sold 395
    Mount Joye vase- paid 1 sold for 199
    rare Ellrose lemon tublers and cruet paid 35- sold for 600
    J Wedwood tile c1886 paid 1- sold 87
    rare noritake christmas balls ice cream set and tray bought for 18 - sold for 350

    My son picked up 3ea V Durand pulled Feather cordails at the end of the day no less at a yard sale for $8. I really hate him lol. Value $600. Shame it wasn't a few years ago. Would have been worth twice that. He won't even give me one for my collection. And i offered him a really nice Orvis fly reel for trade that i paid $85 and is worth $200.

    That is just a small amount of my finds this summer. Early bird gets the deal!

    Filled my house for the winter sales. I love having this stuff surrounding me, Bought 10 8' high shelves to display it all while there waiting there turn to go up for sale.

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    My fave so far was a vintage marlboro (cigarettes) clock.

    They guy at the garage sale wanted $10 for it. Thing is that the plug was cut off. I said I will take my chances for $5 because I had no way of know if it would work or not.

    Got it home and did a very simple wiring job. Cost about $3 or so. I put a plug on it and plugged it in and it worked!

    Within the next few weeks I sold on Ebay for $500!

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    I once bought a mixed box of ceramics and glass and in amongst it was a little green perfume bottle with a fair bit of damage and a paper sticker on the underside. I got it home, peeled the sticker off only to see RL France on the base. Did a bit of research, found a perfect one sold three months previously for over £2100 on Ebay. Stuck mine on auction and even with the damage it went in excess of £550. Normally get one or two good scores like that a year but that was a real fluke which made it more pleasing.

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    Yes, it's those unexpected things that make this a fun business! Last year I bought a lot of postage stamps at an auction. There were a lot of unused sheets of stamps in the lot, and I paid much less than face value. I figured if they didn't sell I could always use them for postage. After I got the box home, I found an autographed ticket to a Bruce Springsteen concert in among the stamps. It was from very early in his career, before he got famous. Sold it for $500 to a ticket collector!

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