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    Resale shops, thrift stores - show your items

    I intend on posting more and more resale shop finds and I'm hoping others will also share.
    Even after years of digging through these places, I never cease to be amazed at what I can find and for the price paid. I'm more enthused now than ever.

    What is interesting about these items?
    Alot of average items are found in collecting, but also some harder and scarcer items are found.
    Also it has taught me alot about antiques, especially as a budget buyer. Learning to identify these items by the back mark or age and wear of the item and more.

    One of my favorite ways to collect is by the marks on the items. Whether it is ceramics or glass or paintings or art or metal or furniture, etc. I want to find as many as identifying marks as possible.
    This is want drives me crazy about books, so many show the item but not alot of the bottoms of the ceramics. Or close up of the signature. This is one of the most important parts of collecting. To me at least.

    There are just an incredible amount of markings out there that no one, two, or even 3 books can document them all. Not even close. I think it is helpful to collectors to know these.

    So, I just want to share with others and hopefully more of you out there will also share. With pics of the items and the marks on them from items found at resale shops.
    Seriously, any item.


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    I love this topic, because I've found some awsome treasures this way, and at times, I don't know how to "price them to sell", on GoAntiques...the sales proces vs the actual realized prices might be a little "off" espcially in this economy..What "sells" now might be different than what used to sell 5-8 yrs ago on the old e-bay site.

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    A perfect day for me would be going to antique malls and consignment shops and looking for treasures. It never ceases to amaze me what you can find in the most unexpected places.

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