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Thread: carved hutch

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    carved hutch

    Hello, I have a large hutch of dark wood and thick releaf carvings in the doors on the bottom of the hutch the top doors are of stained glass and the posts that hold the top front of the hutch up are hand carved men I thought were pilgrams at first (hat, long hair pilgram era clothing) until I noticed the shoes which are the wooden type clogs that dutch people wear. The carvings on the doors on the bottom are at least an inch and a half deep and are of three people in the same sort of clothing as the post men are. There are also decorative carvings around the edges of flowerites and lots of heavy carving on the bottom sides. I think this may be from europe.
    Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
    Please help Tonilong
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    Wow that sounds really really interesting but we will definitely need some photos to possibly help to identify it. Can you post some?

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