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Thread: Confused

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    Question Confused

    My annual membership is paid (I started membership about 3 years ago) and now when I look for what something sold for it says I have an insufficant balance....
    Can someone explain this to me? I am trying to sell family estate items and need to get this done ASAP.

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    Hello, I have asked the sales and service department to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Hello. We tried emailing you, but your email address has apparently been discontinued.

    The reason you are not able to look up prices is that your account was closed
    back in April. If you look at your monthly statements, you should see that the
    last charge posted from WorthPoint to your account was on 7 April. If you'd
    like to resubscribe, please sign in to your account and go to Account Settings
    => Upgrade Services. There you can select your membership level and enter your
    billing information. If you experience any problems or have any other
    questions, please let us know by contacting


    Nathan Trapuzzano
    WorthPoint, Inc.

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