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    Cool New Member Here Saying Hi!

    Hey everybody!

    I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself.

    I couldn't find a place for introductions so I chose here. (If that's incorrect administrators please move this to the right place or let me know where to say hi)..if there is no particular place for newbies to say hi, maybe a topic just for introductions could be made here in the forum.

    I'm no stranger to forums, I belong to a bunch (for years now) but this one is a little tricky.

    Just for now I'll say I'm 44 years old in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    I've been collecting all sorts of goodies since I was 5 years old (1973).

    My Mom and Dad were collectors too, my Dad had to retire very early with no pension or safety net because of Cancer so we learned early on how to save and stretch what little money we had. Thus the collecting followed.

    We have many fields of collecting passions but my special area of expertise is Vintage Comic Books. Golden, Silver, Bronze and Copper Age.

    I have over 22000 vintage comic books and have become an expert in the field. I even taught a night course for "Basic Comic Book Collecting" that benefited new and beginner collectors as well as the highly advanced.

    I am also a professional Rock Drummer, I've been playing/touring/recording for over 31 years now.

    That is where I've earned the name "Hollywood Hank"!

    I have a good eye for vintage and antique items and have a great deal of knowledge on several collecting area's but I'm looking to learn even MORE about a half dozen more.

    You know the people who buy a collection and flip it quickly...that's not me! I'M the guy that buys in bulk (when I can) and sorts through everything individually and turns it into a business. Due to back and neck problems my rock n' roll days are (for the moment) on hold so I'm turning to my other passions (antiques and collectibles) and making it my full time work.

    On the road I met my fantastically supportive wife Stacey (whom also goes by another nickname...Pooser) because her favorite superhero is Wally West - The Flash!

    Together we search the world for goodies and live the dream of being self employed while doing the things we love to do! We have no kids (cause they would want to play with all our toys..LoL) but we have an amazing puppy of 14 years who is our little boy to us!

    Family Fun at the Floodway 024.jpgOur biggest goal in life is to move permanently to San Diego some day!

    I am about to open an online vintage/collectibles/antique store because believe it or not, we have enough inventory for THREE stores..LoL!!

    I am also working on an online vintage comic book store, but that will be down the road after we set up the other store first.

    I have been lucky enough to grow up in the perfect era for collecting and to have met a girl that knows the importance and value of my/our items we hold dear.

    My Dad passed away about 14 years ago and my Mom has had a terrible stroke that has her paralyzed and in a resting home but their unique and special prized possessions will live on in the collectors homes we find for them. All my life I've been waiting for the right opportunity and time to pass them on along with some of our stuff.... the time is now (before I get too old to do anything with them).

    My Mom and Dad's legacy will live on while allowing me to do what I love to collectors, go to auctions and flea markets and have my own online business's!

    Area's I'm looking to expand my horizons in are:

    (All vintage by the way).

    Vintage Stamps, Postcards, coins, records, silver and precious metals, costume jewelry, knicknacks (porcelain, glass, occupied Japan, china), and old paperback and hard cover books.

    I look forward to this great website to learn more and make many new friends.....the ONLY thing I collect that is new..Ha Ha!

    Take care my friends,

    C-U in the funny papers!

    Hollywood Hank, Pooser and Ruston!

    Oh yeah, I'm also a Jedi and a DC!

    (But Trekkies and Marvel's are okay too)!

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    Well, enough about about you people?!!

    If it's okay with the administrators, you're welcome to intro yourselves here too.

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    Sure is quiet around these parts.....

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