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    Are You a Collector?

    If you are, or know someone who is, check out this article on the "art and science" of collecting. Click here to read the story! How old were you when you started your most favorite collection?

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    I have always collected something. I started collecting rocks as a kid. I cut out coupons on the back of comic books and recieved, in about 4 weeks, a plastic container 6X4X2 high with sections and a different rock in each. I thought this was cool as a kid.
    I would search, esp. on vacation, to find more rocks to ad to the collection. Unfortunately I don't have any of those anymore.
    It wasn't until 1998 when I discovered ancient coins that my whole view and attitude towards collecting changed.
    Now I display and study the history of each piece I find.
    Not just a pretty piece, but I like to know the artist and every detail available about the item. So history is very important to me when I find a nice piece.
    There isn't any one specific item that I collect. I love it all. From coins to pottery to glass to rocks,again, to books, books on colletables to art and everything else. Literally.
    I don't exactly have much of a budget for this, so thankyou for resale shops and thrift store. Even if I had money I would prefer this avenue of collecting. There is nothing like digging through a bunch of junk and pulling out a nice gem.
    And luckily here in Houston there actually hundreds of these places. With a 15 minute drive in any direction from where I live there are more than 20 thrift stores.
    Although If I did have money I would buy some really nice pieces from antique dealers also.


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