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    This Kinda Makes Me Sad....

    But collectors are melting precious items for their gold and silver worth now that the price of these metals is sky high. Click here to read the full story. How do you feel about this practice?

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    Don't like it. I know it's worth the money, but eventually this hurts the availability of items. At least to some degree.
    I use to buy a lot of older plates from thrift stores for pennies on the dollar and resell them. Made some nice extra cash selling the classic plates. Homer Laughlin, TS&T and others. But learned alot of what I was selling being cut up for jewelry. These ladies had small band saws and would cut circular shaped pieces out of the plates with nice flowers and/or bold and beautiful colors. They made good money off the jewelry they made out of these plates.
    Conflicting feelings about it. Ultimately just don't like to see nice old items cut up or melted down. They should be appreciated as is. Especially when it seems likely some rare or historical pieces could be eliminated in this process.
    But ultimately, I guess, money talks.


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    yes!! someone bought a necklace from me & it got ugly when i was wrong about the gold content in a miraculous medal (it was a beautiful necklace, that i re-vamped myself with vintage jewelry & put love into it & they just wanted to hack her up!
    look: DSCI0002.jpg i told him to send it back!!
    id rather keep it!
    right now i have something that i believe to be very very rare, im afraid to sell it now?

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    It is very hard to read the writing, can you type up what it says? Do you see any gold or precious metal marks on it?

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