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Thread: Rovelli bowls

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    Question Rovelli bowls

    I just acquired (3) small silver bowls mixed in with some silverplate marked Rovelli in cursive on the inside bottom of each. We do not know if they are silverplate, coin silver, junk metal, etc. To the best of our knowledge they're not aluminum or stainless. I am not having any luck finding out any history on these and was wondering if someone might be able to help? They might be worthless but I would like any information before I decide to "junk" them. Thank you in advance!!!!! Laura

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    Let me ask an expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    By International conventions silver is generally well marked to indicate its silver content, via the use of hallmarks
    that indicate the date, maker and silver content, or numerical markings such as "925' ( for Sterling-92.5% pure silver),
    "800" ( for 80% pure silver), or the word "Sterling". If there are no marks, you are nearly always dealing with silver plate, but if you really want to be sure have a jeweler or pawnshop test them for you.

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