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    Complete Signal Corp MK II 19 System Everything is here

    I'm looking for the best way to sell this unit. It has been carefully store since 1950 and most all pieces have never been used. Has grill guard, variometer, amplifiers, potentiometer, two sets of unused mics and ear phones, fuse box...just everything. Made in Philadelphia in 1944 with English and Russian markings.

    Beautiful condition.

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    Here's a link for you regarding the whole history, having such information can help with the sale of it:
    Signals Production Branch History Part 2, Wireless Set No. 19 Group . War related items of course sell best to collectors of Militaria, I would suggest contacting dealers and auction houses that specialize in WW2 related items. If they do not wish to deal with your item they can probably hook you up with an interested collector. Another avenue would be to contact collctors of military vehicle these would have been used in, I think this would be one of the hardest items to find needed to complete a vehicle restoration.

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