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    old garrison cap

    This garrison cap was among my father's things when he passed away (in 2006). It wasn't his (he served in WWII), but it might have been my grandfather's (he served in the Philippine Insurrection), or he might have picked it up in a yard sale. We lived in Saratoga, CA, which is near San Jose, CA, so he certainly could have picked it up locally; and my grandfather lived in San Jose.

    It's 11" x 5-1/4" in size and feels like it's made of wool. The inner headband is light brown leather and the lining is light brown fabric (cotton?). Nothing is written inside. It's in terrible condition, filthy dirty and moth eaten. Still, I'd like to know what it is and whether it might have been my grandfather's.
    GarrisonCap_LeftSide.jpg GarrisonCap_RightSide.jpg
    (Click on thumbnail to see larger image.)

    Would having it dry cleaned ruin it? Or should I just leave it alone?


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    Let me get an expert on this for you, stay tuned!

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    The first United States Army garrison caps were introduced during World War I (1914-1918). Up until WWI the traditional head covering was the service cap (visor cap), or the campaign hat. However, both of these caps took up excessive space and were easily crushed. The United States Army responded to the need for a light, compact, and resilient cap with the garrison cap, a design adopted from rectangular style caps already worn in the French Army.

    For this one I have no listing of the badge on it, but the "Unknown Soldier" imprint leaves me to believe this one might have been used for Color Guard duty in ceremonies regarding " Unknown soldiers" during memorial services. valus for garrison caps are modest, but I'd leave it in it's current condition.

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