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    Question 1 Time Ben Hogan signed letter to me (1957)

    I am now 65 but when I was 11 (1957), wrote Ben Hogan for autograph...received a personal note back from him, signed "Ben". It's probably worth something to someone somewhere, but howmuch and who? need some assistance. thanks

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    Hang on! I've got an expert on this for you.

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    Usually Ben Hogan autographed letters sell in a range from $50 to $100. But, I would need to see your letter to give you a better estimate. For example, one of his assistants might have sent you a mass-produced form letter that went out to all his fans with the same message. And one of his assistants could have signed it. (If the dates were a bit later, in the 1960s, it could have been signed by autopen). If the letter is all hand-written it is worth more than if it is typed and signed. If the letter is personalized, then value varies based on the content of the letter as well.

    Chances are you have a fairly generic typed letter with his signature. If the signature can be authenticated as Hogan's (and not a secretary's), then the auction value is probably around $50 to $100. Hope this helps!


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