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    Help pricing AK-SAR-BEN stuff

    I have many items and need help putting a price on them...WOULD ANYONE KNOW OR POINT ME IN RIGHT DIRECTION.

    1903 Pewter AK-SAR-BEN Bull

    BLUE PRINTS.... of the Sky Line, Coliseum, Concourse & Pari-Mutual betting windows with 22 Numbered pictures with added captions for each picture and there location dating May 29 & 30th 1964
    The Prints and photo's were taken by Walter S. Craig(AK-SAR-BENS first Photographer)
    They were assembled on three 30 inch x 40 inch displays that sat on easels(I don't have the easels)
    2 of the photo's has Al Unser with his horses he owned at the time

    My list could go on & on.

    But I am more interest in finding value or someone that might be interested buying for themself.
    I have pics and will post ASAP. New laptop so i have to retrieve pics from camera.

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    If you have a bunch of items, your best bet would be to get in touch with Maggie Turnipseed, who runs Worthpoint's Ask a Worthologist program. She can be reached at and can help get the right specialist or specialists to help with your inquiries.

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