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    Antique Parasol / Umbrella

    I was on the verge of selling this today and I just couldn't bring myself to. I just have this feeling that it is something special. Unfortunately my knowledge of umbrellas and parasols is limited. It almost seems like this is a cane/umbrella combo because of it's length (33"). The base of the handle appears to be ivory and then the part you hold on to looks like an actual branch of cherry (6.5" long" that was drilled and fit over the metal. The two parts are coupled with a small marked sterling ring. The fabric is in good shape with a couple stitches. It looks like there was a tag where one of the arms goes out stitched between the two panels. It probably fell off a long time ago. There is a sewn on piece to wrap the umbrella up and button it so it stays shut. I have sat down and searched a few times and while I can find things somewhat similar they aren't close enough to give me the answers to my questions. I was hoping someone would be able to help me with possible age, rarity, etc. Maybe even value if that is possible. Thank you.



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    Let me get an expert on this for you.

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