Ihad a pair of shoes come in on Consignment from a gentleman. Attached to the Brown Suede/Leather shoes was a note saying that the shoes were from San Jose California and that they were worn by the owners great Aunt in a PTA skit...meaning some kind of Parent Teachers Association Play for the school kids I assume, Also, the shoes themselves are number with a 170-??? number and a 1906 in both shoes. I will post a picture in the morning..but one shoe has J. & T. Cousins Co. New York on the leather in gold and the other has Herold's San Jose in Gold...

I assume that means JT Cousins were the maker and the shoes were sold at Herold's?

Any Idea on the value? The shoes are in excellent condition...they button up with mother of pearl buttons and are in excellent condition and are missing only 1 of like 30 buttons.. I will post a picture in the morning and see if we can find more info. I found this online for J and T