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    Drastic plastic president

    Im trying to sell my mint boxed F.D.Roosevelt but have not had any success and i am really looking to find him a new home,hes been in his box in my cupboard now since i bought him when Drastic Plastic first hit the market with these figures,hes never been out of his box.Im looking to let him go so i can get the Barney Ross "Stalone" figure but ive had no luck,so i thought somebody here might like him long with a load of other figures i no longer want.
    Im hoping i have better luck here.


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    Hello, is this a 12" doll figure in a wheelchair, from around 2002? If that is the case, I have seen a few of these in the Worthopedia with selling prices ranging from around $60-150 for this item in mint condition. Again, if this the item, here is an interesting review of it and a nice description of all the details that come with the set: Michael Crawford's Review of the Week. If this is not him let me know! Thanks!

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