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    Question I need help... Re: Corre Dolls


    Do any of you know anything about Corre' Dolls? I found these gorgeous little women in 1985 at Virginia's gift shop at Knotts Berry Farm.

    I have a letter here from the artist, Jamalea Corre' where she referres to these as "Original Heirloom Figurines"

    FRom my exposure to these "little ladies" (her term) and from reading the letter, there MUST be a collectors group out there somewhere.

    All her dolls were made by hand, in either a 'frontier' or 'victorian' style of dress. The outfits are all cloth and the hair, I think, is real human hair............... then the entire piece was coated in a ''secret recepie' porceline "slip" which, if one were rude enough to touch, would feel like a heavy startch.

    The detail is unbelievable and I was told that she had no apprentices..... every doll that she made was made by her alone. Her letter says she could only turn out 200 dolls a year. The cost an arm and a bustle in 1985, but I managed to latch on to two... Rebecca and Amanda.

    It breaks my heart, but I 1. never was able to add to my collection and 2. due to my spouse having a serious decline due to kidney failure, I am selling off most of my dearest pieces. I am also a DisneyLAND collector, and many of those piece are already gone.

    But I would like to find out how one would locate collectors of these, before I have to resort to "shooting blind" on eBay.

    Could you help me please?

    Laura O'Lacy
    Anchorage, AK
    USMC vet 74-78

    PS... there IS =one= of these dolls in the WP price guide, just to give you a look, and another at Summer Cloche – My Heirloom Figurine just as reference points.

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    I would highly recommend checking out Best of Antiques, Vintage, Collecting | Collectors Weekly, which is a website that appeals to collectors of all sorts. Go to their area on dolls at Antique and Collectible Dolls - Collector Information | Collectors Weekly and post her on the show and tell feature, and ask for opinions and interest. Hopefully that doll community can give you the information and buyer you seek. Best of luck.

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