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    Smile Russian Walking Doll, 24" Tall by Russian Toy Factory

    Hoping to get alittle help with this doll. Ive had it for over 20 years and my mom had it before me so I cant get an age. This doll has all info but its in Russian and even with using the Russian Translator I can get words like Russian Walking Doll, Russian Toy Factory, The eyes open and close, The body is plastic and the head is a soft rubber with pink hair. It is 24" tall. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I cant seem to find any info on it or what the value is. Thanks


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    I will ask our doll expert to take a look. Stay tuned!

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    Sure wish I could be of more help but I have looked through my reference books and can't locate anything on these dolls. I did find a couple of them online that may give you an idea as to the value:

    1993 MOCKOBCKAR Russian Playing Doll made in Russia 25" Hard Plastic &Soft Vinyl | eBay
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