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    Russian vintage dolls ...need help !! :)

    Hi guys,

    i find worthpoint a valuable and fundamental tool for by daily hobby (model kits) and it is really a great tool .

    Currently i live in Ukraine (i am italian) and i fidn here a lot of sales of vintage dolls, from USSR and Ukraine as well.

    I am really ignorant about this field, and would like to know if anybody could give me some hints for buying and selling

    this ..product. Namely... what is more convenient to buy? What should i search mainly for ?

    Hope in your help .. and if someone is interested in cooperating with me .. he/she is welcome !



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    let me ask our doll expert to give you a few tips! stay tuned!

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    Hello Giuseppe, A good rule of thumb is to purchase doll that are in very good condition. Dolls that are wearing their original clothing, have original wigs, are free of cracks / splits with original facial painting are some examples. If there are any doll collecting clubs in your area check to see if they have someone you might talk with to see what dolls collectors are seeking there. Do a search on Worthopedia here to get an idea of what dolls are selling and the prices they are commanding.

    Hope this helps.
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