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    Question Doral cigarette sign? Limited market?

    I recently found a neon Doral Cigarette sign.

    I have seen these not sold on Ebay for $300 and $350. However, I have not seen any actually sold.

    How do I determine a value for this? I know that it may be worth that amount but none are actually sold.

    It seems to me that the market for this would be very limited?

    Is this something that is going to take a long time to sell? Or can I put up for action at a low starting price for a quick sale?
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    As always, something is worth what someone will pay. eBay listings mean nothing for valuation - it is the actual sales price that can help give context to some pricing. On the Worthopedia, I saw many neon cigarette signs sold, but the highest price was for a rare and usual one, and that was for around $400. Your sales strategy is up to you... how fast you need to move it along, and how much you paid for it should help guide you here.

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