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    Coca Cola Gumby advertisement. Limited market?

    I just got a really neat Gumby and Pokey Coca Cola animation cell. It is signed and number.

    I looked it up and it sold for $149 all the way to $225. I know the value is there. However, I am wondering how do I deal with such a limited market? Is there a place that captures more of this type of market then Ebay?
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    Your collectible would be of particular interest to either a Gumby/Pokey aficionado or a Coca Cola collector.

    Check out Art Clokey's Gumbyworld - the Official Home of Gumby & Pokey. There's a Fan Club section listing the official Gumby social media sites by the creators of Gumby.

    The Coca Cola Club has a presence on Facebook as well as a website.

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    Agreed - to get the best price, go directly to a fan group or specialty sale/auction. It won't get enough attention on eBay or a discovery auction.

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