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    Cheyenne Fine Cut Snuff

    I have a few unopened cans of Cheyenne Fine Cut Snuff that I can not find anywhere on the internet. I tried google images, as well as google, and of course, WorthPoint. It's like these never existed. I got them out of a storage unit from a tobacco distributor so I have a lot of antique Copenhagen & Skoal stuff. I was going to toss these because they are not vintage, but now that I can't find them anywhere, I'm thinking there must be a collector who would be interested? I might just try my luck on eBay or check out some tobacco collector's forums. If any of you have any info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


    Natural Flavor Snuff
    Premium Tobacco Stores, INC.
    P.O. Box 886
    Benicia, CA 94510
    Tax Class M TP-WV-42

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    Premium Tobacco Stores, Inc., doing business as Cigarettes Cheaper, operates a chain of retail cigarette stores in United States. The company is based in Benicia, California.

    I would sugest that you call the company Premium Tobacco Stores, INC. and ask them about their product.

    Hope this helps!

    4477 Park Road
    Benicia, CA 94510-1124
    United States



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    Cheyenne International might be the manufacturer of your snuff. Under their tab Smokeless it says "Coming Soon" so maybe your cans were a market test or promotion? If you contact the company they might be able to clear up the mystery. Good luck!

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