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    New to WorthPoint

    Hi all, just wondering how we go about finding info here, I am interested in finding out what some items I have are worth and how to go about selling them.

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    Lynn Rosack
    Hi Pauline,

    The first place to start would be to search for your items in the Worthopedia, found under the tab Research Your Items. It's helpful to see the prices that similar items are selling for and sometimes you'll learn what an item is just from reading an auction listing.

    If you have an item that you still can't identify and have reason to believe that it may have significant value, Ask A Worthologist is probably the fastest way to get the information you need. This service is also found under the tab Research Your Items.

    Otherwise, if you need general advice on selling or have an interesting piece that you still can't identify, start a Discussion in the appropriate Forum and hopefully someone will see it and reply with an answer.

    Good luck!

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